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5 cliches IT professionals need to avoid on their CV

Are you an IT specialist? Then you’re in luck, because companies are literally fighting each other to attract talent on the job market. Two decades ago, candidates faced a lot of competition when applying for a job. Today, the tables are turned and employers are doing everything they can to…

Low-code and no-code: a threat to real developers?

Low-code and no-code are ubiquitous. At developer conferences, Microsoft cannot shut up about its Power platform, Slack wants everyone to be able to build apps and workflows without a line of code, parent company Salesforce shares that vision, and specialists such as Mendix and OutSystems are finding more traction in…

About Melanie’s amazing journey as Young CHRLY 2021

My name is Melanie Wennberg, I am 25 years old. I am originally from Rotterdam, the Netherlands but moved to Brussels almost 7 years ago now. In University I studied Art and Archaeology and afterwards Politics, and I wanted a completely new challenge, and this I found in Fujitsu. During…