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5 tips to kick-start your IT career

Need a new challenge? Or want to advance in your current job? Nothing is worse than feeling stuck. Fortunately, IT is a sector that never stands still for a second. Companies everywhere are looking for new talent and motivated IT professionals. The following five tips will not only keep you…

5 IT skills that guarantee a successful career

When LinkedIn makes a list of the most in-demand hard skills in today’s job postings, it should come as no surprise that two out of three top 10 skills are technology-related. More than ever, an IT background puts you on the right track for a successful career. But what are…

Generative AI: curse or blessing for software developers?

Welcome to the exciting age of Artificial Intelligence (AI)! An era in which the possibilities seem endless, but a lot of people are also packed with questions. Most software developers even fear that Generative AI applications, such as Chat GPT and GitHub Copilot, will take over their jobs. Yet there…

How to overcome some of the more painful challenges in Scrum

Scrum is a widely used methodology for managing complex and international application development journeys. A well-functioning Scrum team is essential for delivering high-quality products and meeting project goals. However, as complexity grows, Scrum teams can face challenges that may degrade their performance over time. So how can you overcome these…

COBOL, the immortal language

COBOL is not exactly top of the list when it comes to trendy programming languages. Compared to Python or Rust, but also Java and even C#, the Common Business Oriented Language is an old-timer.

Is C still a programming language or a protocol?

Many programming languages are better, safer and simpler than C; but that doesn’t make them more popular. Moreover, popular newcomers like Rust find it impossible to simply break free of C. After all, applications rarely exist in completely isolated environments, and that’s where the shoe pinches. Your application runs in…