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Program Performance Officer (PMO)

For one of our clients we are looking for an Program Performance Officer (PMO)
Stat Date: ASAP
Location : Huy (Belgium)
Languages: French
Duration: 36 months + possible extension

Mission :
Wages (in MAD) & Waste (in DISM) are key to have overall DECOM Program budget under control. In this perspective, the DECOM Program CNT is looking for a Program Data/Performance Officer. The Program Performance Officer is working in close collaboration with the colleagues of Doel DECOM program.
As Program Data/Performance Officer, you :
• • Challenge & validate the resources that are allocated to DECOM program through the actuals tool : o Correspondence with Advance/Investissement Notes & PAMT/CBE,
• o Coherence with Doel for similar project,

• • Analyze in an early stage the differences within wages actuals & forecast. Based on this input, your provide recommendations for performance improvements.
• • Analyze staffing differences between Doel & Tihange as input for the Program Performance Optimization and compare with international trends.
• • Develop together with the MWP sub-program a financial matrix to be used as base to : o Estimate the cost related to the waste management
• o To optimize the TCO (total cost of ownership) of the DECOM project
• o To follow the actuals (waste production/treatment)

• • Challenge & provide support to projects in optimizing the TCO of project (Business case development)
• • Develop budget tools for the management of waste within DECOM program in order to control overall DECOM CNT waste budget : o Integrating the input from the inventory (including uncertainties & evolution),
• o Integrating the input from (pre)-characterization,
• o Integrating the cost of treatment / post-conditioning,
• o Integrating the cost of packages
• o Integrating the cost of transport (external & internal)
• o Integrating the cost of buffer
• o Integrating the cost of disposal
• o Integrating the input of future valorization
• o Integrating DECOM program planning

The output should be used to develop correct forecasts & follow-up on the actuals based on physical progress. This tools should communicate with the program planning.
• • Build / Monitor Program Performances KPI’s and make pre-analysis on behalf of the Program Performance Manager (budget monitoring, Management reserve, Contingencies evolution, Earned value,…)
• • Perform Business control analyses on request of the Program Performance Manager
Profil :
We search for a good communicator with strong analytical skills and advanced Excel knowledge. Knowledge of Access and SAP is considered as a strong advantage.