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Cloud Engineer

Waregem START DATE: 2022-10-03 DEADLINE: 2022-09-30
For one of our customers in West-Flanders, we are looking for a cloud engineer

start: asap
first PO : 120 days
3 days onsite presence required per week


Organize and oversee the analysis of user requirements and the assessment of options and
suppliers, recommend solutions and take responsibility for the development of the cloud
services to ensure that we can meet user requirements and preferences in the best possible
manner taking into account our business strategy.

Take responsibility for the development of the cloud services and operationally execute
projects to ensure that the existing infrastructure and applications can be improved and
further developed and that new systems can be implemented
Activities • Proactively make suggestions for improvements • Explore alternative solutions
and make recommendations • Define and set up projects • Assist in negotiating contracts
with third parties • Make sure the projects are executed within time and budget

Manage the operation and maintenance of the cloud infrastructure within the organization to
ensure that permanent services can be guaranteed and to mitigate the risks of faults and
Activities • Actively work with third parties to ensure optimal service • Monitor and report
performance and availability of the systems • Follow up SLA’s and take appropriate action if
needed •

Carry out technical interventions to ensure that continuity can be guaranteed for the cloud

Check and manage user access to the different services to ensure that the security of the IT
system and the data that can be found on these systems are safeguarded.
Activities • Manage users, password and user access to shared resources and applications •
Enforce password and security policies • Manage cloud and data security

Take responsibility for backups of the clouds and databases to ensure that the data is secure
in case of any crashes.
Activities • Ensure if needed (in case of failures or errors) proper back-ups of : clouds
Shared and personal data Databases Restore data • Perform restore tests on a regular

Make recommendations to management and users with regard to the best possible use,
optimal management and development of the cloud Infrastructure to ensure that we can offer
the best services, taking into account quality, performance and cost.
Activities • Suggest strategies and/or improvements to IT management and staff • Provide
professional advice with respect to hardware and software components for new systems and

Stay well-informed about the evolutions and developments related to cloud infrastructure,
keep his/her knowledge up-to-date within the context of the evolutions in order to strengthen
his/her credibility by offering a service that is continuously based on updated knowledge

Make documentation of all components, projects, interventions related to the cloud
infrastructure and keep this documentation up to date to guarantee optimal support and
facilitate knowledge transfe