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AI Architect

brussel START DATE: TBD DEADLINE: 2024-05-28
For our client BNP Paribas we are looking for a AI Architect
Start date: 03/06/2024
End date:  30/04/2025

Position Title: AI Architect

Mission Context: Strengthening the IT Architecture team to enhance support for AI projects within the Data Tribe.

Function Description & Key Activities:

  • Deliver IT Architecture solutions tailored to projects within the Data Tribe, with a specific emphasis on AI initiatives.
  • Ensure alignment among all stakeholders regarding proposed architecture, including product owners, project managers, and security architects.
  • Provide support to teams in implementing data architecture concepts effectively.
  • Develop comprehensive reference documents for use by the architecture committee in validating both data and AI-related topics.


  • Solution architecture documents tailored to specific projects.
  • Reference architecture documents for broader use within the architecture committee.

Language Requirements:

  • Fluent in Dutch with proficiency in French or vice versa.
  • Working proficiency in English is mandatory.


  • Background in IT/Data.

Telework Policy:

  • Compliant with bank regulations: 2 days on-site, 3 days telework per week.

Required Experience/Knowledge:

  • Minimum 5 years of experience in architecture.
  • Strong soft skills essential, including negotiation, persuasion, and effective communication, given the innovative nature of the projects.